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By choosing to work with us on partnership basis, you will gain a lack of problems on the construction site and the project will be created in pleasant and coordinated communication.
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we have already been successful with these brands

TBI group
Hoppenbrouwers Techniek
Ventilatietechniek InDuct Ductwork in BIM for MEP Building Services
Installatietechniek Croon Wolter en Dros
Vattenfall Installaties
Roodenburg Installatietechniek technische installaties WKO
Installations for Universities, Universitiet Installatietechniek
AGP Metro Underground MEP Building Services Installations Instalatietechniek
ABN AMRO Bank Nederland data centre datacentre dealing rooms
Nederland Installatietechniek Zuid Holland
Nederland Installatietechniek Zuid Holland Engie
STAR ZZP PowerPeople Power People BIm modeleur
EPO European Patent Office Highrise building hooghte EU European Union, European Commision, Europense Comision
Janssen, Johnson and Johnson, Pharmacy, Drug research centre
STRABAG Construction works

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01. Design with hidden profit

It is unusual for an assistant to correct a designer. The hierarchy prohibits such practices. Therefore, we are on an equal status with the designer. With the same knowledge as the designer, we boldly correct the schemes to suit the project’s requirements.

Our experience allows us to catch errors very early. With us, the pressure of time is transformed into the pressure of faultlessness. And so, on many occasions, we have corrected errors such as incorrect connections of heat pump units for a better energy consumption-to-productivity ratio.

02. Coordinated execution works

Our BIM designers are experienced on-site. The hygiene factor in detailed designs for prefabrication is getting every detail in place to be done. 

The operation factor is the most difficult. We realise it by thoughtfully and efficiently placing all the necessary components. 

You will put a prefabrication project together like Lego blocks with your child!

03. Advanced BIM software - Revit

The separation between BIM modeller, coordinator, and engineer in us has lost its framework. Anyone can set up a project, and create views, and settings. We are proficient at creating families from scratch or, when we need to adapt, adapting existing families.

We have already prepared families for concepts from previous projects, and when we are detailing a project for prefabrication, we modify or create families based on manufacturers’ CAD. We name the systems and, if necessary, we also have projects in our portfolio with calculations made in Revit.

04. Coordination, 3D model, 4D simulation

Clashes are checked in Revit during design. Each stage has its own checkpoints. This is then checked with Navisworks.

We have even developed a spiral communication model for this (based on MBA studies) so that we don’t have to “backtrack” on the project. We have no problems preparing 3D drawings, and professional visualisations which are useful, for example, when phasing construction. We do 4D simulations on request.

05. Soft skills and the direct meaningful communication

We summarise our international experience in one sentence – correct communication is the key to success. We have experienced many great examples of precise and bold communication. We answer the phone, we return calls. If there is a problem or a misunderstanding, we immediately start to address it with the right person and push for a decision, offering various options. This is what sets us apart, and what will also make your project stand out.

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