Our offer is aimed at those who want to go through a project in a smooth, factual and professional manner. This is why we have prepared solutions from the conception through the construction, execution and prefabrication phases to construction support and simulation as well as phasing drawings for the construction of the installation.

Turning design into reality

Designing in BIM brings many challenges as well as benefits. At DOMASZCZYŃSKI & TEAM, each phase of the project can – and should – be performed on the basis of knowledge, experience, excellent communication and a BIM model at the appropriate level for the given phase of the project.
Attention to detail, such as thermometers, is nowadays the basis of good design, not to say simply correct
In each realisation, you receive correlated designs, where expert knowledge of the software protects us from any collisions, and above-average experience allows us to maintain such spaces between the elements that construction and operation are simply a pleasure.
Our proposal is to execute the project in such a way that appropriate spaces are secured at the concept stage, not only with the architect but also with the constructor. Often there are problems with openings at the detailed design stage.
By using our services, we will immediately indicate where and how much space we need, we will communicate with the constructor and later the detailed design will be a formality and not, as is the case with our competitors, arrangements that should – must – and were not – closed at the concept stage.

It all starts with the conversation

The best first step is to talk

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