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Welcome to the virtual home of Domaszczynski & TEAM, a leading international consultancy for the design of building installations in Western Europe. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation by providing our clients with the best BIM documentation on the leading and most complex construction projects, exceeding their expectations.

We can do the same for you.

This specialist experience has been gained by designing and then participating in the construction process, particularly on highly complex building developments. Our services include plant design, coordinated BIM models, solutions agreed internally and externally with the architect and contractor, a high level of specification and detailing allowing full prefabrication.

No matter where in Europe your target audience is, or what type of investment or problem you face, our dedicated team of experts will work consistently to solve it before construction – while still at the design stage, delivering bespoke solutions and results afterwards. We focus on three main areas of activity – people, process and technology – to help your business deliver construction intelligently.



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Domaszczynski & TEAM offers a full range of building services design and construction support services. We focus on providing our clients with the highest quality, fully coordinated and prefabricated MEP designs based on the latest trends in engineering and BIM.

Our reach extends throughout Western Europe. Our international experience results in unparalleled soft communication in engineering. Not only through practice, but also through an MBA extended with psychology, we can face the most stressful challenges and understand and get along with everyone involved in a project. We insist on working with the best, because this approach guarantees a ‘master mind’ knowledge exchange and encourages us to deliver documentation that is fully optimized, that eliminates waste. World-class solutions are not created in isolation – they are the result of collaboration and holistic thinking. We are committed to doing the same for your business.

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Domaszczynski & TEAM carries out a detailed analysis of the arrangement of the installations in the building. At this stage, we advise not only the installers but also the architect on the correct layout of the space so that the building is fully functional and meets the investor’s requirements. With the constructor, we determine the loads from large equipment and load-bearing wall passes and penetrations.


Unfortunately, market research data is unsatisfactory. It turns out that many people who are only familiar with software consider themselves to be BIM specialists, while the software, as the name suggests, is only a tool. In our team you will find four key skills: knowledge of the software, design skills, knowledge of the construction reality and processes, and effective soft and fact-based communication focused on the success of all participants.


Our team of specialists will then detail the design and produce and describe the shop drawings to the point where you can prefabricate the equipment off-site, bring it to the project site and assemble it like Lego blocks. This will save you time and money and keep the hard-to-reach people – the tradesmen – to a minimum.


Domaszczynski & TEAM has a fully developed set of soft skills that are rarely found in the entrepreneurial market, and almost never in the engineering market. They are based on an MBA education, enhanced by psychology and soft skills, practiced in many trainings, including NLP (all levels). We can offer a seamless, integrated service to meet your needs for impeccable communication and dispute resolution involving us and highly talented creative professionals.
Founder and CEO, MEP and BIM Expert, MBA

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